Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Educational Goals

It is our goal at Iqra Arabic School is to provide the best educational experience available to our young and adults learners. We aim to support and encourage our student body to recognize their uniqueness and achieve their potential, not only in terms of their education but also in their personal development. The educational facilities provided are at a very high standard; we always strive to provide the latest books.
In order to make our school truly “national”, one of our key objectives is to ensure that the Arabic language is used widely throughout the school and that student’s use of both spoken and written Arabic is greatly increased and improved.

Strategies We Employ to Achieve our Goals

• Employing reliable teaching techniques and learning strategies to enable our students to achieve learn Arabic language success.
• Putting the needs, welfare and interests of our students first.
• Demonstrating quality through classroom processes and school-wide practice.
• Using up-to-date methodologies for teaching and learning.
• Considering international best practice regarding teaching and learning strategies, and classroom management.
• Communicating with our parents and stakeholders regarding key operational decisions.
• Supporting teachers to develop and enhance their teaching skills, through professional development, mentoring, training and guidance throughout the academic year.

Vision Statement

Iqra Arabic School is committed to a quality education with global perspectives to develop independent learners whilst maintaining an Islamic foundation and the heritage of Arab civilization.

Our Mission

Iqra Arabic School is dedicated towards developing learners’ critical thinking skills, to be well rounded, self-directed and lifelong learners. All our stakeholders are committed to continuous development, high standards instructions and practices. This is to ensure the future success of our students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Values

Integrity:          Dealing honestly with each other and ourselves, and honouring our commitments
Respect:           Demonstrating an appreciation of the dignity of each human being and the beauty of the natural world Allah created
Responsibility:   Taking responsibility for our own actions
Compassion:      Treating others in a kind and caring way
Humility:              Acknowledging our weaknesses and learning from others
Commitment:    Dedicating ourselves to making a positive contribution to our community, country and world

Human Resources

Iqra Arabic School is seeking dynamic, motivated, and enthusiastic personnel. Qualified teachers are invited to apply for teaching posts. The ideal candidates would have a broad range of experience across the preschool and elementary grades, and be familiar with the British Curriculum or other similar recognized curriculum.
The successful candidate will be joining a committed team of teachers, support workers and administration whose aim is to provide the best possible opportunities for all children in our care.

If you have any questions please contact us by:
Mobile & Viber: 0786 4877 019