Student Discipline

This school has a clear and formally laid-out discipline policy, the aim of which is to help students understand that our main focus is on learning and not discipline. Underlying our approach to discipline is to teach our students good values, morals and to teach them the importance of individual responsibility, accountability and the reality of consequences for bad behaviour. The system we have is strict but very fair. We do not aim to instil fear of authority in our students, but rather, a respect for rules and an understanding of their purpose in the successful functioning of the school. This becomes an important life lesson for our students and one that we believe they will remember for the rest of their lives.

If a child’s behaviour is repeatedly disruptive and deemed inappropriate for the class, the child’s parent(s) may be notified and asked to meet with the Head of School to discuss the issues. If a child is verbally disruptive, or inflicts any physical violence on any other child, this will be reported to the parents immediately. Persistent offenders will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

Good Behaviour

It is also school policy that we reward exemplary behaviour of students who make a special contribution to their learning by achieving their academic objectives and by setting an excellent example by following school rules. All teachers will have the opportunity to nominate candidates for special merit certificates for achievement and behaviour.