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About Iqra Arabic School

مدرسة اقرأ العربية هي مؤسسة غير ربحية ، تهدف إلى تعليم اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامية و القرآن الكريم لأبناء الجالية من الناطقين بالعربية وغير العربية وهي مدرسة تكميلية تعمل (يوم السبت فقط)، تم إنشاء المدرسة لتلبية حاجات الجالية العربية والإسلامية في تعليم أبنائها اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامية والقرآن تحتوي المدرسة على المرحلة الابتدائية من الصف الروضة ( عمر ثلاث سنوات ونصف ) والصف التمهيدي والصف الاول الى الصف السادس وأيضآ المرحلة الأبتدائية والثانوية مع فصول خاصة للكبارفقط حالياً تقع المدرسة في مبني مركز كيرلنيتون في مدينة برادفورد مستفيدة من جميع الوسائل التعليمية المتوفرة والمرافق المتميزة والتي تهدف الى خلق طرق تدريس جديدة وممتعة للأطفال

The Arab and The Muslim community in Bradford are growing as a result of second and third generation children born here. Most Arab children of school-age receive their education in mainstream schools. Because of this, their knowledge of Arabic is restricted to that spoken at home by their parents. Within the family, most children prefer to speak to their brothers and sisters in English. Very few Arab children are able to read or write Arabic.
It is widely recognised that a gap between children and their parents is growing. To a large extent, the problem is a linguistic one.
In this context, it is felt to be important that the children of the Arab and Muslim community learn Arabic effectively and, through Arabic, learn more about their cultural heritage. In this way many of the potential problems would be resolved and the stability of the community maintained so that it can continue to make a strong contribution to UK society.
The majority of parents feel that they do not have the skills necessary for teaching their children at home and even those who have these skills do not have sufficient time to do so.
Iqra Arabic School is a supplementary school works Saturday only. the school was created to meet the needs of the Arab and Muslim communities to teach their children Arabic, Islamic, and also help them understand the Holy Quran, as well as other classical Islamic texts and basic Islamic instructions in Arabic. The lessons are designed and delivered to help the students love the language and learn it in an interesting and simple way.
The school accept children from the age of 4 years nursery & reception, first year to year six, pre- GCSE, GCSE, and A-level. We also provide flexible classes to adults at various levels.
The school is located in The Girlington Community Centre building in the City of Bradford taking advantage of all the available educational methods and facilities outstanding, which aims to create new and enjoyable ways of teaching children.
We are using a curriculum that has been produced and tested in a number of European countries. The syllabus is based on a series of books, which follows the new, most pedagogically sound methods of learning, and takes in consideration both the Islamic and western culture. Our school welcomes and respects all faiths and races equally.
Iqra Arabic School is opened to fulfil a very real need within the Arab and Muslim community and to provide the opportunity for teaching Arabic to any other children who might be interested.
In addition, our school is a happy and thriving school for children aged between 4 and 16 years. Therefore, our creative and well-qualified teaching staff, who have excellent teaching assistants will be available all the time across the school to support and enhance children’s learning.
Iqra Arabic School staff and teaches would like to thank you all parents for visiting our website. We are seeking to develop our services on a continuous basis. If you have any comment or inquiry to make this school successful please do not hesitate to write to us through our e-mail or call the school number located at the school site.